Who needs fireworks?

November 10, 2006

It’s not that dislike fireworks. Just that most photographs of fireworks always look a little too similar to me. When making plans for last weekend, I briefly toyed with the idea of going to a big display, or perhaps finding a vantage point that looked out across London. I decided against, and headed out of town instead.

My reward was a pair of stunning sunsets, much more pleasing than any man-made spectacle. And probably better for the environment too; though it might be that all the smoke being blasted into the sky added to the richness of the colours.

Saturday at Capel Fleet and Sunday on Brighton beach

Capel Fleet sunset
Capel Fleet sunset, originally uploaded by CoeurDeLion.
Brighton beach
Brighton beach, originally uploaded by CoeurDeLion.

I don’t know whether Saturday’s sunset was isolated to that particular corner of Kent. But I’ve seen several pictures that show a lot of south-east England enjoyed Sunday’s spectacle.

Who needs fireworks when you can enjoy sights like those…


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